Affiliate Program

Refer visitors to CloudHulk and earn up to $80 for each sale!

  • Free to Join
  • $10 Bonus for Joining
  • Up to $80 Per Sale
  • No Earnings Limit
  • No Experience Needed
  • Cash Payment via PayPal


Here are some quick answers to our frequently asked questions.

It's very simple! Refer a customer to CloudHulk and we will pay you up to US$80 per sale!

You will earn commission each time your referred customer purchases from CloudHulk using your affiliate link. In other words, if your referral buys more in future, you get to earn more!

You will be assigned a unique affiliate link which can be used to track your referrals. Your referral simply need to sign up using your affiliate link and you will be credited with the commission.

It's super easy! You need to register for an account if you don't have an existing CloudHulk account (it's free to join!). Once registered and logged in, access the affiliates section to activate your affiliate account and obtain your unique affiliate URL.

Once you have reached at least US$50 in commission balance, you can request for a cash withdrawal to your PayPal account or convert it to CloudHulk credit to purchase or renew CloudHulk services.

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